A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Monday, April 3, 2017

From The Sewing Room

I've been spending some time in the sewing room.  Feels good!  I still need to finish up those quilts in progress that I showed a while back, but here's some stuff I've finished in the meantime.

Sweet little size 3 dress was a UFO from when our Little Friends were visiting.  It just needed the neckline finished, but I lost motivation when they left, so it sat for quite a while.  I recently added some FOE to it to finish it up, and put it away.  I'm a little sad there's no one here to wear it.  I think it turned out cute.

Miss Katie in all her bath hair glory, modeling one of 3 pairs of PJ shorts I made for her.  (T-shirt used to be Eli's, but Katie wears it to bed now.)

There's the other two.  I feel like I can barely get away with the Baby B'gosh fabric.  She's 6 and a half.  But it's too cute not to use, so PJs it is.  I aspire to make tops for these, but who knows if that will actually happen or not?

Still working my way through the "shopping accident" I had at Fabric.com a while back.  I just love these prints!  This set is for Katie.

And this is an in-progress shot of Hannah's skirt.  The skirt and her top are done now, but I don't have a picture.  I'll try to show the girls wearing these next week.

I traced off one of my LLR Carly dresses so I could sew my own, and this is my first try.  It's wearable, but I want to tweak the neckline a bit next time.

Speaking of LLR, I also made myself a pair of panda leggings!  I used a commercial pattern for these, and they came out too big and too long at first.  I hacked them and re-hemmed them, cutting off a bit of the excess width in the process, but they're still a little on the loose side.  Very comfy, though!  They're lycra.  And they make me smile.

I still need to finish up the quilts that I have started for Project Linus.  I think I have almost enough squares to be done with the large square one.  I've been cutting a square of whatever I'm working on (as long as it's an appropriate fabric) as I make stuff.

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  1. What a wonderful gift your sewing is!

    That ruffly skirt in progress is to die for! I'll bet it's her favorite skirt ever!!!!

    1. I used to use that pattern to make spinny skirts for Brianna. :sigh: It's really cute, but every time I make one I remember, "Oh, yeah, there are MILES of hemline in this skirt!" LOL, feels like sewing for days.