A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Our Spring Break Week

It worked out really well to have all the kids on Spring Break after our trip/during Sam's visit.

Everyone's very happy to have no school this week.  Honestly, even me.

Our wedding anniversary was this week.  Paul took a trip to Wisconsin to check the progress on the fire engines his department is having built.

Wheelie "says" what I'm feeling:  big yawn!

Having Sam here has been so wonderful.  We've played games,

gone to the phone store to get him set up with his own cell phone account, dropped off dry cleaning, and other "adulty" stuff.

Brayden was here for a couple days this week, too, while Zach and Heather were out of town.  He had homework to work on, so I had Katie do some spelling and math next to him, so he wouldn't be the only one doing school work while the rest of the kids were playing.

When Zach and Heather came to pick Brayden up, we ended up going out for dinner together.  It was nice to hear about their trip and spend some time with them.

Another day, we went to the movies.  I haven't seen a movie in the theater since Narnia (the first one), so this was a real treat.  The girls saw Beauty and the Beast, while the boys went to see Boss Baby.  Josiah is behind the camera again.

Even before he went to boot camp, going grocery shopping was one of Sam's favorite things.  This time, though, was really fun and special, since he was so excited to have unlimited access to all his favorite food!  Sorry the picture is blurry; I left my phone at home, and took this with Josiah's phone.

We filled Easter eggs for this weekend.

And someone ate some of the candy that was supposed to be going in the eggs.

Brianna was going somewhere with her friend,

and A, who is like a member of the family, was going somewhere else with her friend,

so I made them all pose together for an awkward photo before they left.  (The boys had never met each other before.)

More game playing.  Josiah won a round of Life.

We decided to make another cake, to celebrate all the birthdays that Sam missed while he was in boot camp, and, let's face it, because cake, right?  Josiah baked this one, and I added the peanut butter M&Ms.

I'm glad the high schoolers don't go back to school until Tuesday.  We're all enjoying the slower pace.

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