A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Curriculum Choices - What's The Plan For Next Year?

Next school year, we'll have 2 high schoolers, a middle schooler, a 4th grader, and a 1st grader.

Brianna and Eli will continue to attend private school.  Jack, Hannah, and Katie will continue to homeschool.  This may be the first year in a while that we've had no major changes in The Plan.

Katie's plan will hinge on how much we finish up this summer.  Jack and Hannah are off to camp soon, so I'm planning to work intensively with her while they are gone.  She needs to finish up Spelling You See A and Math U See Primer from this year before going into next year's books.

Jack - Math U See Pre Algebra
Hannah - Arithmetic 4 (A Beka)
Katie - Math U See Alpha
Also online math programs.  Jack and Katie are still working on XtraMath.  Hannah has finished and is working on another program now.

Spelling You See for all!  Level B for Katie, and E for Jack and Hannah.

Language Arts:
Jack and Hannah:  Logic of English Essentials and Memoria Literature
Katie:  Reason for Handwriting A, Blue Manor
All: variety of copywork tied to what we're learning in other subjects.

Jack & Hannah:  We're planning a "hands on" science this year.  I hope to use up all the science kits I bought with good intentions and never opened.
Katie:  Science PACES from School of Tomorrow.  These are workbooks act as "readers" with comprehension questions on science topics.

Jack and Hannah:  one semester of Our Golden California and one semester of "kits" from History Unboxed.
Katie:  Social Studies PACES (see above)

Katie:  Beginning Geography
Jack and Hannah:  Daily Geography
Also puzzles and games

Jack & Hannah:  Home Art Studio 4th grade DVD, ArtAchieve (review coming soon)
Katie:  Art Projects 1, and ARTistic Pursuits The Way They See It

That's The Plan at this point, anyway.  We'll probably change things up a little bit as we go, of course. I'm sure we'll come across review products and online resources that we want to try out.  But it's nice to have the foundations all set.  Like many moms at this time of the year, I'm both ready for this year to be over and excited for next year to start.  It doesn't make a lot of sense, does it?

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  1. This sounds like a good plan. No MFW this year?

    1. No. I like MFW, a lot, but I feel like we need to use up some of the other stuff we've got around here. And we haven't done state history in a LONG time, so I'm looking forward to that.

      I think we'll go back to MFW ECC next next year. :)

  2. I always love to read about curriculum choices. Looks like a good year ahead!

    1. I'm excited about it! :) It's fun to see what other families are using, too. That's one of the things I love about being on the Crew. Getting exposed to so many different products we might not try otherwise.