A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day thoughts, including a new-to-us Luke photo!

It's tomorrow in China.  And while they don't celebrate Mother's Day there, I can't help but think of the 3 women who gave my children life.  I've talked about my questions before, so I'll just say that I'm grateful to them, and also to the ladies who loved on my Hannah and are currently loving on Katie and Luke.  Nannies, ayis, foster mamas, whatever the title, there is a fondness and a connection that I respect.

Hannah and her nanny. 12/1/2010

I wish there was some way to share the spotlight, so to speak, with these ladies who mother without the accolades, without the permanency, and without any way of knowing how long they'll have with these kids who must steal their hearts.  Look at them.  Look at their smiles.  It's not just a job.  

Katie and her nanny, May 2012

I hope I get the honor of meeting these ladies next month.

Katie and her foster mama

I have heard that Katie is quite the amazing little person, and I know that must be in part due to the efforts poured into her by these two women who care for her.

Luke and his foster mama, October 2012

I was so delighted to discover this photo online!  An organization that works in Luke's province came to my attention, and when I was poking around their website, I found trip pictures from their last visit to his city.  I recognized the jacket and thought, "That's my boy!"  I emailed to make sure that this really was him, and found out that YES, that is my boy, and furthermore, once we're home with him (when he's legally ours) they have more photos that they'll be able to share with us!  Woo hoo!  

Happy Mother's Day, to all the women who have cared for a child.  Be they yours or someone else's, temporary or long term.  Mothering is hard work.  I am grateful that there are those willing to step up and do that work when and where it's needed.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to YOU as well! Bless your heart for being a mother to all of these blessings! I will also say a prayer for these wonderful women caring for your babies while they wait to come home!

  2. prayin for your adoption :) What stage are you in?? How close?
    mom to 2 Taiwan Treasures :)