A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up, Australia Week 2

Our Little Passports treat was a fridge magnet featuring aboriginal artwork.

Now that we're at the end of the school year, it's such fun to look at the map and see it covered in flags.  (not all of the countries we studied had LP kits available)

Our Little Passports suitcase shows some of the fun places we've learned about.

And all that's left now is 2 weeks of Antarctica, and the "end of school year" festivities.  

Eli is working on his Marsupial report.  Those are koala pictures on the screen.

Brianna is doing artwork from a DVD series (review coming soon!).

Speaking of artwork, 

the kids painted coral reefs.  This is Eli's fish face.  

This has been an amazing school year for us.  I feel like we've all, myself definitely included, learned so much this year.  I am excited about next school year, but I'm also looking forward to the summer break that will go by Way Too Fast.  

Next year, we begin a chronological study of world history.  I can't wait!  Even though next school year will have some new challenges for us, I am so looking forward to getting my historical facts in order!  

After 5 years of private school, Josiah has decided to homeschool again next year.  

Josiah's spring choir performance was last week.

Any time you add or subtract people from a group, it changes the dynamic.  Adding both a high schooler and two toddlers should make for some interesting times!  This year, when all the school kids were at school, I had 3 students.  Next year, I will double that.  

Although I can't order any curriculum until after we get back from China, I've been looking at ideas and talking to other moms and planning what I'd like to use.  I'm hoping we have another incredible year next year.  

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  1. I really enjoyed reading about your Australia studies - the coral reef artwork is beautiful! I would love for you to link up some of your posts to our Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop. http://www.mudhutmama.com/the-creative-kids-culture-blog-hop-4/

  2. Are you using ctg with all your kids next year? We are using it with our three oldest...ages 10,11 and 13. Sooo excited. Thanks for sharing your bologna. What a blessing:)

    -another CHristian h's mom :)

    1. Yes, I will be doing CTG next year. I am really looking forward to it! Thank you for your comment, and LOL about the bologna!

  3. Oh nooo...did you catch that typo....my kindle automatically entered balogna when I tried to type "blog" .... so embarrassed. Sorry.