A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

A large family, homeschooling, adoption, special needs, whatever strikes my fancy, sort of blog.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tiffany Window Art

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When the opportunity to review an ART CURRICULUM for See The Light came up, I jumped at the chance.  Brianna is my artist, so I read through the list of options with her in mind.  So many neat choices!  Cartooning, Paper Jungle, Repeated Sweets, Pointillism Fruit, Dreams of Joseph, and more.  Some for ages 5 or 6 and up, some for older kids.  Each DVD retails for $14.99.

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I selected Art Projects Tiffany Window for her.  I'm so glad we got our first choice!  It was perfect for her.  Tiffany Window is recommended for age 10 and up, and Brianna is 13.  I did not feel the material was too easy or too young for her.  She absolutely learned new things from this video.

The DVD contains 4 step by step lessons, which each take about an hour to complete.  Brianna was so excited after the first lesson, she began creating masterpieces for days on end.

This drawing represents the material Brianna learned in the first lesson.

I love that the supplies list is right on the back cover of the DVD case so we knew exactly what we would need to gather up before beginning.  For Tiffany Window, the list reads:  11x14" bristol board or poster board (which I bought in a multi-pack that disappeared very quickly!), artificial flower with leaves and multiple blooms, #2 pencil, good white or gray kneaded eraser, set of broad magic markers in a variety of colors, thick black permanent marker, sharp point black permanent marker, scrap paper or newspaper.  All items that are reasonably easy to find.  The See The Light Store offers some specialty items, but we didn't need any of those for this DVD.

Working in her room with the portable DVD player.

The intention is for the lessons to be done once a week, so the video would be a week long course.  My little art fiend couldn't even wait until I got the supplies to watch the DVD, so she watched the whole thing without doing any of the work.  --Which turned out to be helpful, actually, and not a bad plan.  Having the supplies could have been a distraction, and she gained an overall perspective on the process and the finished result.  Later, she was able to watch the lessons one at a time, and work through them carefully.

It's hard to see, but she's now filled in the background with the lines for the stained glass pieces.

When I asked Brianna what her thoughts were about the DVD, she said, "It was fun!  I learned a lot about stained glass windows, like I didn't know how complicated they were.  And I learned about the rule of thirds."

The finished project

Another version

These were smaller ones she made (almost index card sized).  I like that she is incorporating what she knows about Mondrian with what she learned from the video.  A very different twist!  

As you can see, Brianna totally loved this course.  Art is an area she excels at, and it pains me to admit, it's also an area that's been sadly neglected by me when it comes to buy curriculum.  We ended up with more art projects this year "by accident" because of switching to a curriculum that incorporates them regularly, and we've all enjoyed that.  I'm realizing that she needs this.  Art is an area she shines in.  And it's okay that I'm not artistic, because she can learn from programs like this.  

Perhaps my most sincere endorsement of this product would be to tell you that more of the See The Light Art Projects DVDs are near the top of the list of things I'm planning to buy for next school year.  I just haven't decided whether I'm going to have Brianna pick a few of them or whether I'm going to spring for the whole 9 month program, yet.  But I love that she is able to develop her knowledge and her talent in this area while working completely independently.

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